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Town Center

Ladd Landing offers its residents and businesses the ultimate in office and work-at-home applications. If you're living or working in Ladd Landing (or both!) you can find everything you need from shopping, personal services, dining and entertainment, or glorious fall colors along our paved, lakeside walking trails.

Our commercial sites give companies all the benefits and capabilities of a downtown workplace in an elegant self-contained small town setting.

Located ½ mile from Interstate 40 and 8 miles from Interstate 75, Ladd Landing's location is both convenient and practical if you wish to visit the city of Knoxville.

We also host residential loft-style condos in and around the town center, conveniently walk-able for everyday needs, not to mention the beautiful nearby walking trails; the perfect escape from a hectic work day.

Future plans for Ladd Landing include a bed & breakfast, community center, new patio-style condominiums, and our own marina - The Shipton on Clinch.